Sipping Şerbet and Love in Istanbul!

Many souls visit Istanbul but leave this city without enjoying the unforgettable taste of Şerbet. I can hear you asking… Well, Şerbet is a cool healing drink made from lots of spices and can make you feel a hundred different things. Each şerbet sort has a different taste and purpose and most importantly; they have healing powers! There are many places in Istanbul where you can try various sorts of şerbet.. Thus, add this to your lists if you come over and taste history, spices, love, passion and more!

We tried these 6 şerbets today and then ordered our şerbet of the day. These were the şerbets served in Ağa Kapısı (a lovely rooftop cafe in Süleymaniye with a splendid view of Istanbul);

BROWNİSSA: It is made from wild blackberries collected from high altitudes from Macedonia. It has blood forming properties. It has a pungent taste.
AB-I HAYAT: It consists of various herbs and spices including licorice, saffron, fig, coriander and jujube. It is beneficial for the development of eyes and mind. It is good for the stomach. Ab-ı life means water that gives life.
OTTOMAN: It consists of fourteen kinds of herbs and spices, mainly rosehip, cinnamon, clove, fig. Contains vitamin C. It is good for common cold. It gives energy.
LOHUSA: Barberry sugar consists of cinnamon and cloves. It is an Ottoman sherbet served to guests who come after women who give birth.
ÇEŞNİZAR: It is made of spindle and plum. It has a refreshing feature in summer. Gives the mouth rust.
ROSE: It regulates the intestines, cuts diarrhea, kills germs, and relaxes the skin.

It was a difficult choice to make since all şerbets are delicious here. I went for Ab-ı hayat this time and next time I will definitely go for Brownissa.

Let me know if you liked this post and if it was useful!

Lots of love,

FTF (Feeling the Fireworks)

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