All You Need is Good Coffee and Great Company

How Can We Improve Our Monotonous Lives?

We live in a world where people are stuck in their own minds and fail to hear each other. Isn’t it possible to observe the loneliness in everyone around us these days? If one can truly hear and can be understood in return, it feels like heaven. The question is then: How can we improve spending quality time together? Well, it is quite simple: Good coffee and Great company could help feeling the fireworks again!

My suggestion is to start a bookclub, or a hobby such as photography lessons or art classes with friends who feel alike. In this way, there will be a chance to have mindblowing, eye-opening and motivating conversations on topics bringing you and your mate a step further.

Remember to feel and understand your mate’s words and build up together a strong expression while sipping and enjoying the taste of a good coffee. Write those ideas in a notebook or blog and share it with others too. This is how I turned my monotonous life into a wonderful journey. I started taking photography lessons from a friend, motivated my friends to start a reading club and still enjoy the taste of various coffees and teas together.

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