Wonderful Rooftop Views from Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmet Area

Wandering in Istanbul is definitely a mood-booster since this amazing city provides every single second fresh stories and fabulous spots to be discovered. Some souls are aware of the miracles and chase after the endless beauties every day, to grasp some of the healing powers and yet… there are the muggles, resisting to be cured from their miseries.

Listen to Dr. Seuss: You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” Take your camera, wander, explore, climb the rooftops of Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmet area!

Recommendation 1: Drink your Turkish coffee or tea at the rooftop of Sevenhills restaurant with a splendid view of the Hagia Sophia mosque and the Sultan Ahmet mosque! 

Ps: https://www.sevenhillsrestaurant.com/iletisim.html

Recommendation 2:Enjoy a nice drink or meal at the Four Seasons hotel’s terrace with an epic view of the Hagia Sophia mosque. The photo below is from Zomato as the hotel is closed until April 2021.


Recommendation 3: Enjoy delicious Indian meals or drinks at Dubb Indian Restaurant with a mesmerizing view of the Hagia Sophia mosque and Sultan Ahmet square!

Recommendation 4: Have a nice meal or drink with a splendid view of the Bosphorus at the rooftop of Inci Bazaar Al-Nakhla, a souvenir shop and a rooftop cafe. We tried delicious Turkish lokum (turkish delight) with tea! This rooftop is closer to the seaside and to Sultan Ahmet mosque.

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