Feeling the Fireworks

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”

― Helen Keller

Feeling the fireworks started with the idea of creating a space for me and you to raise awareness to feel unlimited pleasure in the smallest things and realize the importance of our feelings being ignored, neglected or unrealized these days. We are continually surrounded by everyone and everything and feel afraid to travel to our actual emotions.

Unfortunately, Feelings have become a matter of choice and are seen as weaknesses. People do not dare to feel the utmost pleasure and put a limit somehow to their emotions because they are afraid they will lose control over everything. However, Feeling is reading, writing, speaking, sharing, observing, eating and drinking, breathing in other words: EVERYTHING! And without feelings we still feel something: despair, hopelessness, dissatisfaction, anger, pain, agony, stressed, hungry and much more other distorted feelings.  

– Are we really aware about our real feelings or just imitate what we are forced to see and hear around us?

– Are we able to express our actual feelings and hear others when they express their feelings, and to what extend?

-Have we tried to feel ourselves and others fully?  

If not, let’s try immediately:

  • To express our feelings by telling ourselves first what we actually feel and try to tell others instead of replying “very well, thank you” or sneering at them.
  •  To hear the feelings of others by listening and forcing ourselves to hear as much as details as we can in order to grasp the actual feelings of the other and not try to think or feel on behalf of them.

And let’s focus on: How we can “Feel the Fireworks” and realize the importance of these moments for us.

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